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Carl F. Kresse and Henrietta Miller Mueller family

Carl F. Kresse 
3rd Great Grandfather of Janet A. Kresse
born  April 19, 1811 in Prussia
died April 3, 1896 in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri


Henrietta Miller Mueller
3rd Great Grandmother of Janet A. Kresse
born about 1815 in Anhold Dessau, Preußen
died  about 1908 in Lafayette, Missouri

They had 9 kids.
Their first child was August Kresse. He is the 2nd Great Grandfather of Janet A Kresse.

1.August Kresse born about July 14, 1837 or 1838 in Anhold Dessau, Preußen
died about April 6, 1922 in Concordia, Lafayette, Missouri, United States
2.Henrietta Kresse born about October 27,1843 in Anhold Dessau, Preußenand  died July 24, 1931 
3.Carl (Charles) W. Kressse born about 1845
4.Albert F Kresse born about 1847 and died about 1938
5.Sarah Kresse born about 1851 in Freedom, Lafayette, Missouri
6.Samuel Kresse born 1852 and died 1910 
7.John Kresse born about 1854 and died about 1896
8.Johnathon Kresse born about 1856
9.Marie (Mary, Manie) Kresse born about 1858 

Historical Sketch mentioning Baptist Carl Kresse

The Congregation of Baptized Christians of Concordia, Lafayette County, Missouri, was

organized in December 1850 when Carl Kresse came as a missionary. The first baptism happened on 18 April 1851 and the first meeting occurred on 13 July 1851.

Concordia Baptist Church, Concordia, Lafayette County, Missouri, Records, 1861-1922
3906 3 volumes and translations on 1 roll of microfilm
This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri

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Historical books mentioning Carl Kresse and/or Concordia Missouri immigrations

Independent Immigrants: A Settlement of Hanoverian Germans in Western Missouri   book

Between 1838 and the early 1890s, German peasant farmers from the Kingdom of Hanover made their way to Lafayette County, Missouri, to form a new community centered on the town of Concordia. Their story has much to tell us about the American immigrant experience— and about how newcomers were caught up in the violence that swept through their adoptive home.Robert Frizzell grew up near Concordia, and in this first book-length history of the German settlement, he chronicles its life and times during those formative years. Founded by Hanoverian Friedrich Dierking— known as "Dierking the Comforter" for the aid he gave his countrymen— the Concordia settlement blossomed from 72 households in 1850 to 375 over the course of twenty years. Frizzell traces that growth as he examines the success of early agricultural efforts, but he also tells how the community strayed from the cultural path set by its freethinker founder to become a center of religious conservatism. Drawing on archival material from both sides of the Atlantic, Frizzell offers a compelling account for scholars and general readers alike, showing how Concordia differed from other German immigrant communities in America. He also explores the conditions in Hanover— particularly the village of Esperke, from which many of the settlers hailed— that caused people to leave, shedding new light on theological, political, and economic circumstances in both the Old World and the New. When the Civil War came, the antislavery Hanoverians found themselves in the Missouri county with the greatest number of slaves, and the Germans supported the Union while most of their neighbors sympathized with Confederate guerrillas. Frizzell tells how the notorious "Bloody Bill" Anderson attacked the community three times, committing atrocities as gruesome as any recorded in the state— then how the community flourished after the war and even bought out the farmsteads of former slaveholders.Frizzell's account challenges many historians' assumptions about German motives for immigration and includes portraits of families and individuals that show the high price in toil and blood required to meet the challenges of making a home in a new land. Independent Immigrants reveals the untold story of these newcomers as it reveals a little-known aspect of the Civil War in Missouri.


Carl KresseThe State Historical Society of Missouri--Concordia Baptist Church, Concordia, Lafayette County, Missouri, Records, 1861-1922 (C3906)--INVENTORY

Baptist Church consist of minute books of the congregation and the sister society and the constitution of the church The records are in German A translation of the records is included in the collection These records are part of the German Heritage Archives DONOR INFORMATION The church records were loaned to the University of Missouri for copying by Hazel J Payne on July 14 1993 Accession No 5322 The records are part of the German Heritage Archives HISTORICAL SKETCH The Congregation of Baptized Christians of Concordia Lafayette County Missouri was organized in December 1850 when Cahl Kresse came as a missionary The first baptism happened on 18 April 1851 and the first meeting occurred on 13 July 1851 SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE The Concordia Baptist Church records consist of three volumes dating from 1861 through 1922 Volume 1 the Protokoll Buch is a minute book dating from 1861 through 1922 The minutes of the Sister Society dating from 1898 through 1922 are in volume 2 Volume 3 consists of the constitution of the congregation and lists of members The translation of the records was done by Dr Adolf E Schroeder Professor Emeritus of German at the University of Missouri Columbia as part of his tenure as Scholar in Residence at Concordia made possible by a grant from the Missouri Humanities Council to the Concordia Area Heritage Society for 1993 1994 The translation was recorded on audiotape and was then transcribed by Hazel J Payne The transcription of the volumes is included on the microfilm and also available in hard copy in the reading room FOLDER LIST v 1 Protokoll Buch 1861 1922 v 2 Sister Society Minute book 1898 1922 v 3 Constitution and lists of members f 1 Protokoll Buch 1861 1885 translation f 2 Protokoll Buch 1886 1922
citation: (2012-12-14)

Carl Kresse founded German Concordia Baptist Church

Carl Kresse founded German Concordia Bapstist Church in 1851. He was first Reverend
at church. 

History of Lafayette County, MO book 
"The German Baptist Church at Concordia was organized in the year 1851 The names of the original members were C Kresse and wife Henriette Kresse A Schlaemann and wife Maria Schlaemann P Brand and wife Anna M Brand Henry Uphaus and wife Mary Uphaus Casper Holtcamp and wife Mary Holtcamp The first church building was erected in 1865 of frame at a cost of $1,000 It was dedicated in 1865 by Rev A Hausler A Hoffman and C Werner The pastors names were C Kresse C Werner A Hausler and C Schoemaker The present number of membership is 112 This church has two meeting houses this one and one in Concordia the last erected in 1873 Preaching and sunday school at both places every Sunday Of the original members six persons are still living one is 101 years old The Evangelical Lutheran Cross Church under the care of Rev HP...


Additional information found on another genealogist family tree 

ID: I12070076
Name: Carl (Charles) F. KRESSE
Sex: M
Birth: 19 APR 1811 in Prussia, GERMANY
Death: 3 APR 1896 in Freedom Twp, Lafayette Co, MO
Burial: German Baptist Church, Freedom Twp, Lafayette Co. MO
Occupation: Baptist Minister, Farmer
Religion: Baptist
Event: Church German Baptist Church, Freedom Twp, Lafayette Co. MO
Residence: Freedom Twp, Lafayette Co. MO
Note: Alias: Charles /Kresse/ From the records of Harold Green: Concordia Baptist Church 1851-1976, 25 Aug, 1976 History of Lafayette County, Missouri 1881 page 611 Immigrate: FAHL Film #0200160, Passenger list of Vessels arriving at New Orleans, 1820-1920 Burial: Photo of tomb stone in possession of Harold J. Green Census: 1860, Freedom Township, Lafayette Co. Mo 1880, page 21 Charles F. Kresse, his wife Henrietta, and four children, August, Henrietta, Charles, and Albert (passengers 20-25) arrived in New Orleans, LA on 10 Nov 1848 on board the German Ship Post, George William Haake, Master, from Breman. They arrived with three chests, one trunk, one portmanteau, and one gun. The record shows that they were going to Missouri. The ship's record and the 1860 Census records his name as Charles, but, his tombstone shows Carl. He is also called Carl in the he History of the Concordia Baptist Church. Only the ship's records shows a middle initial "F". The Concordia Baptist Church booklet lists his occupation as "Baptist Minister", all other records list his occupation as a "Farmer". He settled his family at Kresse's Bluff in Freedom Township, Lafayette Co. near Concordia, MO. In 1850 the Baptist Home Missions Society of St. Louis sent Carl Kresse as a missionary to Lafayette Co., MO where he founded and was the first minister of the Concordia Baptist Church, founded in 13 July 1851. The Old German Baptist Cemetery is located 2 miles SE of Concordia, Freedom Twp, Lafayette Co. MO on County Route PP. His and his wife's, Henrietta, graves are next to last in Row 6, reading from south to north beginning at the south-west side. The cemetery is well kept, but, is adjacent to a cow pasture. The book History of Lafayette County, MO 1881 page 611 shows that he came to the USA in 1848. This is confirmed by the records of the Ship Post. All records agree that he came from Prussia.

Marriage 1 Henrietta (Mueller) MILLER b: 1815
 August KRESSE b: 14 JUL 1837 in Prussia, Germany
 Henrietta KRESSE b: 1843
 Charles (Carl) W. KRESSE b: 1845
 Albert F. KRESSE b: 1847
 Sarah KRESSE b: 1851
 Samuel KRESSE b: 1852
 John KRESSE b: 1854
 Jonathan M. KRESSE b: 1855
 Mary KRESSE b: 1858


Kresse Family

Immagration of Carl (Charles) Kresse and Henrietta Miller Mueller and Children

2nd Great-Grand Father and Grand Mother of Beulah Kresse,

Carl Kresse and Henrietta Miller Mueller

They immagrated to America in 1848 from Bremen, Germany to New Orleans, Louisianna  

New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1820-1945 about Charles F Kresse
Name: Charles F Kresse  (on record last name written Charles F Krefse)
Arrival Date: 10 Nov 1848
Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana
Age: 37
Birth Date: abt 1811
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Ship Name: George

Charles  37 husband Farmer
Henrietta 33 wife
August 5 son
Charles 3 son
Albert 3 months son

3 chests
1 trunk
1 portmanteau
1 gun

Source Citation: Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1820-1902; Series: M259; Roll #: 29.
Source Information: New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1820-1945 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2006.
Original data:
Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1820-1902. Microfilm publication M259. 93 rolls. Record Group 36.